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wooden ladle and spatula on top of table
wooden ladle and spatula on top of table
Strawberry Orange Lemonade

A summertime favorite

strawberry and lemon juice in highball glasses
strawberry and lemon juice in highball glasses

Simply Delightful

Strawberry orange lemonade is a delightful and invigorating beverage that offers a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors. With its vibrant red color and enticing aroma, it is a visual and sensory delight.

Sipping on a glass of refreshing strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day is pure bliss. The natural sweetness of strawberries combined with the citrus flavor of oranges and the tanginess of lemons create a harmonious blend that quenches your thirst and satisfies your taste buds.

It is not only a refreshing drink but also a source of essential vitamins and antioxidants. The juicy strawberries and oranges provide a burst of vitamin C, while lemons offer a refreshing dose of vitamin C and potassium. So, indulge yourself in the deliciousness of strawberry lemonade and experience the refreshing goodness it brings to your senses.

Easy to make delicious strawberry orange lemonade

  • Start by selecting a good organic bottled lemonade

  • clean and cut fresh strawberries and oranges

  • remove oranges from the skin, only using the flesh

  • transfer into a cooled pitcher

  • using a muddler, smash the fruit until completely pulverized

  • pour cooled lemonade into pitcher over fruit

  • mix well

  • place a strainer over a large bowl or measuring cup

  • pour the entire mixture into a strainer, leaving fruit pulp behind

  • carefully pour the strainer lemonade back into the cooled pitcher & chill

  • serve over ice with mint and fresh fruit


a plate of fruit and a bowl of soup
a plate of fruit and a bowl of soup