Banana Pudding

A favorite classic dessert guaranteed to satisfy


Cecily Cole-Jones

9/3/20231 min read

four desserts sitting on a table with a crock pot in the background
four desserts sitting on a table with a crock pot in the background

Banana pudding is a classic dessert that originates from the Southern region of the United States. It is both incredibly tasty and incredibly simple to prepare. The best part about this delightful treat is that it can be enjoyed all year round, as bananas are readily available regardless of the season.

The recipe for banana pudding typically involves layering slices of ripe bananas with a luscious vanilla custard and topping it off with a generous layer of whipped cream. The combination of the creamy custard, the natural sweetness of the bananas, and the lightness of the whipped cream creates a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Whether enjoyed on a warm summer day or during the cozy winter months, banana pudding is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.



Jello brand Banana Cream instant pudding

Nabisco brand MINI Nilla wafers

Kelloggs brand graham cracker crumbs

Diamond brand finely diced walnuts (optional)

1 cup Land-o-Lakes half & half

1 cup Bowl & Basket 2% milk

Thawed tub of Cool Whip

3 Bananas diced w/ a squeeze of lemon & dash of brown sugar

Chehelect 5.5 oz portion cup w/ lids



Follow 5 min. pudding directions add dash of vanilla, cinnamon, & nutmeg

Using 1 cup half & half & 1 cup 2% milk

Whisk until thick, about 2 mins

Cut open Bananas top w/ lemon & sugar, toss & set aside


Create stations w/ea. ingredient & begin the build

1. Crumbs >Nuts>Bananas >Pudding>Stand cookies up along the sides.

2. Repeat (do not use more graham crumbs) until you reach top

3. Top w/dallop of Cool Whip & one cookie on top.



Easy, fabulous, quick, & yummy 😋 Have you ever made Banana Pudding? Try this its great!!